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Accounting Links

  • The Accountancy Partnership - Here you can submit a question to an accountant and get accounting advice for free!
  • Belmont BEC - Free Australian accounting advice on: Commercial Leases, Contracts, Debt Collections, Partnerships, Agreements, Terms & Conditions, Credit Applications, Bad Debts, Disputes, etc.
  • Bookkeeping Course - A free step by step tutorial from journal entry to the Balance Sheet.
  • Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) - The professional body for people in public finance, with 14,000 members throughout public services, national audit agencies, and major accountancy firms.
  • Clear Books - an online accounting software company, was established in 2008 and provides award-winning software to thousands of SMEs & start-ups around the UK.
  • Taxhelp-expert - U.S. income tax experts, small business accountants and small business specialists will answer any tax question.