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Headline Tax Rates Around the World

The table of tax rates below provides a comparative view of taxation across the globe. Aspects that are considered include:

  • Income Tax

    The income of individuals is often taxed at different rates to the profits of corporations. The nature of taxation can also vary between territorial or residential systems, with territorial systems affecting locally earned incomes, and residential systems affecting the local and foreign incomes of residents.

  • Social Security

    Social security contributions are taxes collected from employers and employees, in order to fund social insurance benefits such as state pensions and unemployment benefits.

  • VAT

    Value added taxes (or equivalent consumption taxes) are often added to the purchase of goods and services. More than 140 countries collect value added taxes, with the general trend being for this system to replace conventional sales taxes. Approximately 20% of worldwide tax revenue is as a result of VAT.

  • Withholding

    Withholding taxes are a form of up-front taxation, taken in advance of the due date for payment of final tax liability. These can often affect dividends, interest, and royalties.


Income Tax

Social Security*



  Corporate Individual Employer Employee   Dividend Interest Royalties

*The social security rates quoted in the table are the highest rates in each jurisdiction.

We endeavor to keep all rates up-to-date, but if you do spot any errors please let us know by emailing admin@lowtax.net.