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Tax Cartoons

The fact that you've aged 10 years in the last 6 months isn't accelerated depreciation, it's accelerated decrepidation


Not only can I not find the middle class tax cut, I can't find the middle class


Sure, I've got ghost employees, but they're as productive as my other employees


If my weasel of a husband files as head of household, it's tax fraud


How can it be tax evasion when they caught me?


It wasn't so much armed robbery as my client converting the owner's assets from a sole proprietorship to a mutual fund.


Who says the government doesn't have a sense of humor. After convicting you of not filing your taxes, they made your inmate number the same as your tax identification number.


I loaf on the job all the time so I figure it's not really 'earned' income


It turns out your tax shelter is more of a tax lean-to


I hadn't realized the full extent of tax 'cutoff' day


I don't care if you did lose your tail, it's not tax deductible


This is the short form


I can't afford to pay taxes on my cows and pigs, so i'm trying to pass them off as my employees


Bob, do you have time for a tax audit?


I got the feeling you're struggling with your taxes, so I took the liberty of hiring you a professional


Day 487: No word of any rescue, but I am receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service reminding me that I'm late on my taxes


and that, in simple terms, is the new, proposed tax reform plan


I realize the Internal Revenue Service opened an expanded IRS e-file program, but does the surgeon have to use it now?