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Asked in Offshore (General) for Luxembourg

Luxembourg to go into deficit this year. That means taxes will go up. I think Luxembourg has a biggish problem on its hands.

- Increasing unemployment
- Competition from other jurisdictions
- A large and growing state sector. Young Luxembourgers these days dream of working for the state.
- It increased tax on investment funds, and now some have moved to Ireland (Bite the hand that feeds)
- It is planning costly investment in infrastructure, which may not be profitable. Eg: tram / velodrome /
- The state airline is close to a monopoly, and unwilling to open its airport to competition, but, a new airport will soon open in Germany (bitburg) and the monopoly will end. As a result airfares are too high.
- Opening a business is an administrative nightmare, and the business income tax is high at 29%, and the tax code relies heavily on depreciation and such to lower taxes (all which need professional help to achieve).

Tax Luxembourg Business Investment Investment funds Ireland Unemployment Germany
Posted by lux man on Apr 02, 2012 at 22:09


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The world has changed...Luxembourg (financial center and banks) have a good reputation.You can open some business but there's some laws to respect.
Concerning the tax rate effectively is < 29% but don't worrie we will find a solution for paid litle tax.
Kind regards,
Posted by Lowtax User on Apr 04, 2012 at 13:36


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Dear Sir,
I would advise you to relocate to Mauritius.
You'll get better contracts and also there is a low tax regime in place here.
Moreover, the cost of living is among the best in the world.
Should you be interested, contact me on pravesh1126@gmail.com or +2307688924
Posted by Lowtax User on Apr 05, 2012 at 05:54


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