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Asked in Offshore (General) for Cayman Islands

My name is Chris Morgan I represent Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) a 21st Century “Free Economic Zone” strategically located in the Cayman Islands. CEC provides a business licensing model that removes the time consuming bureaucracy and financial constraints associated with establishing a physical business presence in the Cayman Islands. By establishing within CEC businesses benefit from the following unique concessions granted by the Cayman Islands Government:
• 100% exemption from income tax for 50 years
• 100% exemption from corporate tax for 50 years
• 100% exemption from capital gains tax for 50 years
• 100% foreign ownership permitted
• 100% exemption from import duties
• A cost effective strategic base of operations
• Excellent Access to North/South America as well as the U.K and Europe
Our business model is World Bank and OECD approved and meets the requirements of Tax Regulators and Authorities around the world. We provide businesses a legitimate base of operations for all or a portion of their there company to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.
We focus exclusively on companies operating in the following sectors Internet & Technologies, Media, Biotech, Commodities & Derivatives, and Academia.
If you interested in hearing more about this unique opportunity please contact me at c.morgan@cayamnenterprisecity.com.
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Posted by Chris Morgan on Dec 13, 2012 at 19:02


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