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domiciliary companies in lichtenstein

Asked in Offshore (General) for Liechtenstein

U said that only 0.1% is the tax but for what?If I invoice 1mil eur in a fiscal year I will pay only 1000 eur tax for example?(audit activities does not involve buying of something and afterwards selling,so that the tax in the case of audit involves the whole amount to be taxed).Is it possible to build an audit company for UE only with the headquarters in Liechtenstein and to operate with it all across Europe?For example when I withdraw the money from the company bankaccount do one need to justify what did he do with them(invoices or fiscal letter to justify every penny?)Thanks.
Tax Audit Liechtenstein Europe
Posted by Lowtax user on Aug 02, 2011 at 09:07


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HI there, all depends on the company you want to set up in Liechtenstein. There are sevarl type of companies. Send me an email with more info and I can suggest you the best option (if Liech or another country). Alex info@trust4trust.com
Posted by Lowtax User on Aug 18, 2011 at 08:35


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