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Will You Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

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Contributed by J. Alan Financial
20 August, 2015

There are 567 ways to file for Social Security. People who make the wrong choice may reduce their lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars...will you be one of them?

Would you like to know how to get the most from Social Security, including all the brand new benefits? Discover how to avoid running out of money during retirement? Or how to increase your payment, even if you're already on Social Security?

Now you can, at a complimentary "Social Security Informational Meeting" at the Maple Grove Community Center, August 25th. Presented by Industry Leader, Jim Bear.

There is no charge for this special event, for Baby Boomers only, who are retired or planning retirement. It's your money and it's your life, so it's your personal responsibility to get the information you need to make the right choices. You'll find out little-known Social Security strategies that may benefit you, including some the Obama administration is threatening to eliminate.

For more detailed information and to register go to http://bit.ly/8-25_PRel-Retirement But don't wait---there are ONLY 30 SEATS available for you and a spouse or friend. DON'T MISS OUT!


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