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Why are the countries still unwilling to charge taxes in cryptocurrency?

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Contributed by Albuscoin
19 February, 2018

The answer could be very simple. Because in a country or even an entire union of countries (as in the EU) the law provides one national currency, which is accepted for tax payments. It is also logical. And regarding this matter we should leave the country aside, because it is unable to adapt to everything new happening worldwide as quickly.

But what happens to the private businesses? Have they made any steps towards the cryptocurrency? Or are they still fearing it as something unknown and alien?  We must admit, that this is the exact situation. How often have you heard that you can pay in Bitcoins for the purchase of real estate? Of for a car at the dealer? Or simply pay for legal, accounting or consultation services? Maybe you can go to a currency exchange point and buy Bitcoins there? The answer is no.

Nowadays the holders of cryptocurrency are in a very unfavourable situation. There are very many Crypto millionaires, who can do nothing more than buy a simple trip, pay someone for producing their home page, and there are just a few more minor things that you can buy for cryptocurrency.

So how could such a situation develop? If there are so many holders of Bitcoins, who want to use their earned cryptocurrency?

It has resulted because the seller is not willing to accept cryptocurrency as the payment for its goods or services. The seller does not need Bitcoins. He needs money, which he can use to pay the supplier, to pay salaries, taxes etc.

Company AlbusCoin offers a solution, which satisfies both parties. The holders of Bitcoins may pay using their cryptocurrency, but the seller receives EUR/USD/GBP in his account.

This solution allows the businesses to attract new customers, but the holders of Bitcoins – to receive goods and services by paying in Bitcoins.

And this service is already being used by the service providers, internet stores, currency exchange points and car dealers. Also real estate sellers approve this service.

Cryptocurrency is entering our lives and instead of pretending to ignore it, we have to start using it.

If the businesses accept it, we will not have to wait long before we can pay our taxes in cryptocurrency as well.




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