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Vivier & Co Announces Launch of New Online Banking System

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Contributed by Vivier & Co
27 February, 2017

Vivier and Company Limited, Chief Executive officer – Luigi Wewege is pleased to announce that the company has commenced operations of its new online banking system, following completion of the IndiaT4T - Team for Technology's cloud based service for financial institutions.

"We have placed significant resources into providing more efficient banking services for our clients, and spent many months developing a real-time functioning online platform. The innovative system will enable Vivier clients to make and receive payments, check their current balances, as well as to view and download statements at any time."

"There are further pioneering projects currently being developed by Vivier, and we are looking forward to bringing you more exciting news in future," says Wewege, CEO of Vivier.

If your financial needs aren't being addressed by your current retail bank, then Vivier may provide you with just the solution you're looking for. The company aims to build a long-term partnership, founded on trust and discretion with client's, and to become their trusted advisor on all financial matters.

To get started with a financial institution that values transparency, customer service, and strong relationships, visit their website today at: www.vivierco.com.


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