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The Wealth Mosaic announces content publishing partnership with Managers of Wealth

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Contributed by The Wealth Mosaic
28 April, 2021

The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the definitive solution provider directory-based knowledge resource for the global wealth management sector, is pleased to announce a partnership with Managers of Wealth, the subscription-based wealth management news portal.

The partnership between the two business will have multiple strands but is focused first on the distribution of technology and related content from TWM's community through the various relevant news portals of Managers of Wealth.

The partnership mixes TWM's large and growing community of wealth technology vendors from across the world with Managers of Wealth distribution and content aggregation model which hosts a growing range of technology related content. Together, TWM and Managers of Wealth are providing access for all market participants to a growing wealth technology content resource and, for technology and related solution providers that have content to share, a broader means to share it.

"Among our aims at TWM is the idea of delivering to the wealth management marketplace an easy-to-access resource with which any participant can discover and engage with the knowledge that is relevant to their businesses. This is as relevant for wealth managers as it is for technology solution providers, consultants, and many others. For those firms that create and want to share this content and knowledge, we want to support them to reach their target audience. By working with Managers of Wealth, we can support our own growing community of members and users to not just access and engage with content and knowledge but also to share the content and knowledge they create themselves or create with us. Managers of Wealth's various channels support this market need," said Stephen Wall, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic.

"Not only is the technology solution provider marketplace far bigger than many would have imagined, the themes of relevance to the industry and the many forms of content that now exist have all grown significantly and will continue to do so. These providers and these resources need providers like TWM and Managers of Wealth to work together to create this home for the industry," he adds.

Managers of Wealth Chairman Trevor Roberts added, "Launched over 15 years ago and today boasting in excess of 10,000 users globally, out international, multi-channel newsfeed at Managers of Wealth is one of the best known brands in the high end wealth management and specialist introducer markets. We regularly carry breaking market news from all the main financial institutions, as well as numerous specialist service providers, so our market intelligence is a perfect fit for Wealth Mosaic, as they move to deliver their vision to become the industry's definitive information and knowledge resource."

About The Wealth Mosaic

The Wealth Mosaic (TWM) is a curated, research-led marketplace directory of solution providers and solutions, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers across the globe. Built with a specific focus on a changing wealth management sector, the TWM digital marketplace directory consists of thousands of business and solution profiles categorised against a dedicated taxonomy to support their discovery and engagement. For wealth managers, TWM is designed to support their need to be able to more easily and efficiently discover the solutions and solution providers that are increasingly relevant to the needs of their business. For solution providers, TWM is about supporting their positioning, exposure and business development needs in a more complex world. Together, TWM is aimed at narrowing the knowledge gap between the buyers (wealth management firms) and sellers (solution providers) and supporting them to connect and do business. To support and drive that, TWM is a building a deep content resource around the directory and a set of tools and services (online and offline) to help both sides better navigate, connect and understand the dynamic marketplace in which they work.


For more information, please contact The Wealth Mosaic.

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