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The Huffington Post Australia Published Interview of Luigi Wewege CEO of Vivier

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Contributed by Vivier & Co
25 October, 2016

In a recently published interview/profile on The Huffington Post's – Australian edition, HuffPo Contributor – Samantha Cheatwood interviews Vivier Financial Services – Chief Executive Officer, Luigi Wewege.

The interview covers a wide range of topics regarding Vivier's financial product and account services, customer experience, as well the firms overall business strategies. The interview also further explores Luigi's continued interest in the industry, and the lessons he has learnt from leading Vivier over the past three years.

Vivier's CEO – Wewege, also explains that he believes Vivier is fast becoming a world renowned boutique financial services firm. This being achieved through it's a core focus of offering their clients high-performing deposit/savings accounts without market risk volatility.

If your current financial needs aren't being addressed by your retail bank, then Vivier may provide you with the type of financial solution you're looking for. By building a strong personal relationship with you, Vivier aims to be not only your advisor on all financial issues, but to understand your objectives and work with you towards your future goals.

To get started with a financial institution that values transparency, customer service, and strong relationships, visit Vivier's website today at: vivierco.com.


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