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The Global Projects and Investment Summit (GPI Summit)

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Contributed by GPI Summit
30 September, 2015

The Global Projects and Investment Summit (GPI Summit) that will be held in Macau will be 2015's most important international investment summit. Being held from November 24 to 26, this summit will involve some of the world's most important policy influencers and investment advisors.

As Service Providers, you will find insights into many of the most important national economies on the planet. There will be discussions and speeches on projects in Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Iran, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Peru and Mexico that are available for investment.

The speakers represent some of the most influential economic movers in the world.

  • Dr. Julien Chaisse, Chief Counsel and Director World Trade Advisors
  • Hon. Abulaziz M. Dankano, Ambassador Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Dr. Mehdi Fakheri, Diplomat Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Hon. Zhang Xianchu, Professor The University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Zhao Yun, Professor The University of Hong Kong
  • Hon. Mohammad Sarwar Mahmood, Former Counsellor for the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations Bangladesh
  • Hon. Chalief Akbar Tjandraningrat, Diplomat Republic of Indonesia
  • Ms. Joanne Hawley, Director of Trade and Investment for the Chinese Regions United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Hon. Santiago Martinez?Caro, Special Advisor for Cooperation with West Africa and the African Union Kingdom of Spain
  • Chris Teunissen Regional Executive Director Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
  • Mr. Daniël de Blocq van Scheltinga, Founder and Managing Partner Polarwide
  • Hon. Sergio Avila,Diplomat, Republic of Peru
  • Hon. Alicia BuenrostroMassieu, Ambassador, United Mexican States
  • Mr. Alejandro Garcia Casas, Deputy Trade Commissioner, ProMexico
  • Hon. Lilybeth Deapera, Consul, Republic of Philippines

The speakers at the GPI Summit will talk directly and frankly about:

  • The history of the global financial market
  • The best current investments
  • Foreign investment risks
  • Minimizing risks around the world
  • Space investment
  • Nigeria's financial future and investment in the African nation
  • Iran and the standing of a regional giant
  • Institutional investment in international projects
  • China and the future of the world's largest economy
  • China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative
  • laws that affect investment in large projects and the forces that influence the global economy
  • And more

This can give an advisor a significant advantage over competitors.

Attendees to the conference will receive also receive Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) credentials. This will provide you with additional credibility when discussing international investing with a client.

The Summit will take place in Macau on November 24 to 26. More information and registration can be found at http://www.globalinvestmentsummit.com.

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