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Contributed by Europe Emirates
25 July, 2016

Can we still find certainty in our uncertain World? Brexit, Panama papers, Falciani list…. name but a few…. We have been following this trend for long enough to make us believe that anything is possible.

Besides its strategic central location, a home to Top World Banks, the absence of restrictions on Profit Remission, exchange transactions and Capital movements the UAE is still one of the safest Countries to do business in.

It is whitelisted, has a good value proposition and has a signed Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with more than 40 countries. Through UAE Offshore Company Incorporation, you are likely to gain operational competence, best discretion, asset security and tax exemption.

UAE offshore offers: 

  • 100 foreign ownership
  • tax free jurisdiction
  • low start-up costs
  • complete protection of financial privacy and resources
  • the flexibility to operate from anywhere 
  • allows to open and manage bank accounts in the UAE
  • requires only 1 shareholder and 1 director
  • holds real assets and equities in the UAE and across the world
  • ease of setup (no visit required)
  • no audit 
  • minimum share capital of AED 1000

 Unlike other jurisdictions, the UAE operates in complete anonymity and privacy. 

To know more about UAE Offshore please do not hesitate to contact us at info@uae-eu.com directly so we may advise accordingly.


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