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Seychelles soon to issue Tax Residency Certificates to International Business Companies

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Contributed by A.C.T. Offshore
01 December, 2020

Seychelles will soon issue a Tax Residency Certificate to Seychelles registered legal entities including Seychelles International Business Companies (IBCs) which are very popular with investors and entrepreneurs in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

For assistance and more information please send your inquiries to: email@actseychelles.com

WhatsApp: +248 2632 111


In case you missed it: The 1st regime change in 43 years shows political maturity, ushers in a new approach for Seychelles international business and wealth management services

On the 25th October 2020, Wavel Ramkalawan won the Seychelles presidential election by a landslide and his party won an absolute majority in parliament. Transfer of power has been described as exemplary by the international community and demonstrates the high political maturity and stability of the country.

The new administration is already delivering on promises to do radically better through a more consultative and transparent approach and to strive for a better balance when addressing tough issues.

To date, the country has only had 171 cases of COVID-19 of which only 9 are currently active but global travel restrictions have decimated the tourism sector, which is by far the main pillar of the economy. The urgent need to increase economic diversification, with ease of doing business as the starting point is a key part of the new government programme.

New energy and greater purpose are now being injected into the ongoing reforms of the Beneficial Owner Act, AML Act, and other core legislation regulating the international business and wealth services sector. Most important, the government is now finalizing amendments to the Business Tax Act in a push to satisfy the European Union's substance requirements.

It all translates to a brighter future for Seychelles and patrons of the Seychelles international business services and wealth management industry.

For more information and technical details about the ongoing reforms contact:

Karl Pragassen https://www.linkedin.com/in/karlpragassen/


WhatsApp: +248 2632-111

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