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QROPS: Guernsey to introduce 30% tax free cash

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Contributed by SIPP Specialists Limited
29 September, 2011

Contributed by SIPP Specialists Limited [www.sippspecialists.co.im]

QROPS: Guernsey to introduce 30% tax free cash

It appears that Guernsey is to move to 30% tax free lump sum, in direct competition with IOM. Good news for potential clients.
Our Guernsey Scheme is available for advisers and their clients

The scheme is both:

Approved by Guernsey Income Tax (ref 6R.11530/T)
Registered with HMRC (QROPS/503442)

Offering all the following benefits:

  • Pension paid gross on Guernsey (no withholding tax)
  • 100% of fund repaid on death of member
  • 25% tax free cash lump sum (but moving to 30%)
  • Tax free growth on Guernsey
  • Transparent, competitive fees
  • Knowledgeable, professional support
  • Full compliance with QROPS rules
  • Up to 25% of fund can be loaned to member

 We offer a top quality service to clients and advisers, who can be confident that we will observe both the spirit and letter of any rules that govern QROPS.

We are not a call centre, so you will be dealing with the same dedicated and experienced team of people at all times.

We do not give financial or tax advice, and we do not take commissions or ‘turns’ on bank accounts either hidden or otherwise.

We offer a fully transparent service.

If you would like to know more please contact us at consultants@sippspecialists.co.im or visit www.sippspecialists.co.im

NB. Some countries will charge a tax on lump sums received by their residents – due care is needed by advisers and clients.

SIPP Specialists Limited is registered in Isle of Man Number004607v
The registered office is Ragnall House, Peel Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 4LZ
SIPP Specialists Ltd is registered with the Isle of Man Insurance and Pensions Authority as a 
Professional Benefits Schemes Administrator


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