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PAYOPM lets you get publicity from Google AdSense

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Contributed by PAYOPM
02 December, 2015

The PAYOPM offshore e-wallet has set up a partner account with Google AdSense through which it offers its clients an innovative service to get publicity on this platform generated by the system of the world leader in online research.

Google AdSense is simple and free method used by website and blog editors to earn income through the automatic publication of Google ads. If a site has a large volume of traffic, their income increases and therefore Google AdSense is currently one of the most used tools for monetizing websites; however, not just a few editors have faced many problems receiving the money that they have obtained by publishing AdSense ads.

The main problem for editors is that in their country of residence the taxes or collection expenses are high; however, beginning with the agreement between PAYOPM and AdSense, editors now have a new, quick, secure and effective way to collect their publicity income every month through their PAYOPM account.

With the new service of the PAYOPM offshore e-wallet it's possible to manage your AdSense ads from a master account in PAYOPM and collect your income generated by AdSense monthly through this online platform. The users with access to the PAYOPM AdSense account can manage their account and have various possibilities with the AdSense account. For example, they can see, edit and manage any part of this account and analyze the sales statistics of their publicity channel; however, they can't observe the complete list of the users who have access to the account, nor can they grant or deny access to another user.

The new PAYOPM service is very useful for all of those website and blog editors who, for whatever reason, can't reach the maximum potential of Google AdSense. The times when checks were sent by carrier to a particular address are behind us, because it is now possible to receive and manage the money generated by AdSense publicity, from the comfort of your home, in front of a computer connected to Internet with a PAYOPM account.

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