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PAYOPM is already accepting Bitcoins

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Contributed by PAYOPM
18 September, 2015

The PAYOPM e-wallet (www.payopm.com) is already accepting and delivering payments in Bitcoins, since the potential has already increased for this product, which enjoys wide international recognition for the quality of their services and is usually recommended by various e-commerce sites around the world.

Bitcoin is a decentralized e-currency that is used as a means of exchange of goods and services through the “peer to peer” concept (P2P), which is a commercial model that benefits exchanges between individuals or businesses. Bitcoin has no governmental backing, so it doesn’t have a “Central Bank”, but several countries work with it, a do thousands of businesses.

 Bitcoins aren’t stored in a bank, distinguishing them from other currencies, but in a “digital wallet” on a computer or mobile phone. Payments are sent and an encryption system verifies that the transactions are legitimate.

Privacy surrounding Bitcoin transactions is one of its strongest points, because this digital currency is used as a means of anonymous payment, guaranteeing absolute control over your own funds.

According to experts, more than 100,000 shops around the world accept Bitcoins as payment, which is why PAYOPM has decided to open its doors so that those shops will use this e-wallet as a mechanism for sending and receiving Bitcoins.

Paying with Bitcoins is quick and free and the operations can’t be cancelled; this is why this currency is ideal for generating trust in e-commerce operations.

PAYOPM is an e-wallet that is capable of diminishing online fraud, which is why its services are very useful for both sellers and buyers. PAYOPM acts as a third party in negotiations and its objective is to receive, maintain and then, once the terms between seller and buyer have been complied with, to deliver the funds. Now, with use of Bitcoins, PAYOPM reaffirms its potential for maximum reduction of online fraud.


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