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Contributed by Bosco Conference
26 May, 2017

InvestPro – Cyprus, Limassol 2017 – the annual B2B two-day conference is a unique platform for meeting professionals in international business.

DATE: 21- 22 June, 2017
VENUE: Mediterranean Beach Hotel

▪ Personal consultations from the leaders of the international wealth management market

▪ More than 20 presentations from practicing lawyers and consultants, international developers

▪ Comfortable atmosphere for business networking

▪ More than 200 participants from Cyprus, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA

▪ The participant package includes coffee breaks, lunches and evening cocktail

Preliminary program:

▪ Switzerland. 10 selected opportunities 2017 International legal structures, less tax, no information exchange.

▪ Hungary. Hungarian companies in modern tax planning and the opening of bank accounts in Hungary for foreign companies

▪ UAE. RAK ICC: the new UAE Center for international business companies

▪ Hong Kong. Various aspects of conducting business through the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. All the features of registration – taxes – getting a residence permit – bank accounts.

▪ USA. Immigration by Investment to USA (EB5).

▪ Liechtenstein. Importance of Physical Gold and Silver Holdings.

▪ Cyprus. Immigration to EU by Investment (Cyprus permanent residency permit for property buyers and EU citizenship by investment in real estate.

▪ Israel. Meori Ampeli Law Company, Israeli tax benefits for foreign investors.

▪ Singapore. Hong Kong and Singapore – 2 attractive jurisdictions in Asia. What are the differences and how to benefit from them?

▪ Cyprus economy, opportunities and risks.


▪ Tax and financial consultants

▪ Banks, insurance companies

▪ Legal, audit and consulting companies

▪ Developers





Conference Organizer:
0044 (203) 519 34 84


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