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New UK company incorporation site for international clients launches

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Contributed by London Incorporations
19 March, 2014

A new business targeting overseas nationals and expatriates wishing to establish a UK company has launched today. Given the wholesale changes that have taken place in the movement of labour both within and outside the EU and the way that business is now transacted, London Incorporations Limited believes there is a significant demand from non-UK nationals and expatriates for UK company formations.

London Incorporations Limited will focus in particular on the specific needs of individuals and companies wishing to establish UK company structures which wish to carry on a trade or to hold assets such as real estate outside of the country where the owner might be resident.

London Incorporations believes that a UK company holds significant appeal for overseas nationals and expatriates.  With favourable taxation terms and the UK’s position in the EU giving access to over 25 countries, establishing a UK company can give access to a wide market whilst at the same time benefiting from the recognition of the UK’s pre-eminence in corporate legal rights for shareholders and corporate governance.

Up to now, overseas nationals in particular may have struggled to access information on UK company formations and the rights and responsibilities which go with the process. As trade with the UK grows, this is likely to be a worrying problem.

A recent study by the banking group ING showed that by 2017, for example, Poland's exports will mainly consist of road vehicles and transport equipment, office telecom and electrical equipment and other manufactured products, with the top three export destinations being Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK.

Exporters, such as these Polish companies targeting major UK chains, often have to establish new trading companies which are specifically focussed on a single client buyer. As new borders are opened in the EU and trading volumes rise, London Incorporations believes such cross border trade flows can benefit from having a corporate structure incorporated in the UK.

At the same time, recent events in Ukraine have highlighted the risk to company owners locally of holding assets onshore. London Incorporations now believes that for some Ukrainian entrepreneurs, having an offshore base might be an appropriate addition to their business plans.

Brian Lee, Managing Director, London Incorporations Limited comments, “UK companies offer both owners and clients of that company the reassurance of a first class corporate regulatory environment, supported by legal processes which are reckoned to be amongst the fairest and most open in the world. As the recent events in Ukraine show, political instability can be harmful for those running business locally and for those who may already have deep links with other export markets. For such companies, it may now be appropriate to hold lower risk assets offshore. A UK corporate base can offer this stability and reassurance and as such, a hedge against political risk.”

For more information, please visit www.londonincorporations.com, telephone: 0161 925 6021

Media contacts:

Guy Stephenson/Erica Evans

Nacelle Limited

Tel:  +44 (0)20 8333 9125


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