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New Hong Kong Company Incorporation for Only USD 890

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Contributed by HongKongTaxFree
30 April, 2018

Hong Kong, April, 25th: Our new company formation and renewal packages to help you run for two year

Registering a company in Hong Kong and getting more value from it now a reality with our registration and renewal services. Our firm has been in the Hong Kong market for more than 15 years and it is led by a western investor. He is multi-lingual and works with experts in company formation to guarantee you of the best services.

Our Hong Kong Company incorporation package includes the following services:

  1. Incorporating your new company/business in Hong Kong.
  2. Providing a business address in Hong Kong central business district for one year. You can opt for other location of choice.
  3. Providing Hong Kong company secretary (the Company's Ordinance requires all businesses to have a resident company secretary) (provided for one year).
  4. Hong Kong Business registration certificate (provided for one year).
  5. A complete set of Hong Kong company incorporation documents (the Share Certificate Book, Articles of Association, and other Statutory Books).
  6. The company's common seal and chops.
  7. Filling of annual returns (for one year).
  8. Opening and scanning of the company's incoming emails (for one year).
  9. Filling of statistics requests to the Labor Department.
  10. Preparing the Significant Controllers Register (SCR) (this is a new legal requirement by the government from the month of March 2018).
  11. Securing storage of the company's documents (the green box).
  12. All the fees required during the process of incorporation.

The price of this company incorporation package in Hong Kong is USD 890.

Timeframe for company incorporation: It will take 5 to 7 days to register the company after our agency receives all the original documents. You will not need to travel to Hong Kong.

The renewal charges for a Hong Kong business will include the following services

To enhance the continuity and profitability of your company in Hong Kong, you have to renew it every year. Our renewal fee for your enterprise will cater for the following services.:

  1. The company secretary services (these are provided by a resident in line with the Companies Ordinance).
  2. The maintenance of the SCR (Significant Controller's Register).
  3. The business address in the CBD or other location of your choice.
  4. Renewing the business registration.
  5. Filling of the company's annual returns.
  6. Storing the Hong Kong company's green box (securing the company's documents).
  7. Opening and scanning of all the company's incoming emails.
  8. All compliance-related costs.
  9. The government's charges for renewal.

The price of the company renewal package is USD 1675. To enjoy great price reduction, consider registering your company with us and renewing it immediately for two years. 

HongKongTaxFree contacts:
Location: 11F/ Anton Building – Anton Street, 1 – Hong-kong
Website: http://hongkongtaxfree.com/en/companies-hk-new-offer-april-2018.html
Email address: concept@accoplus.net
Telephone:  +852 3547 0140


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