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Luigi Wewege Announces that Caye International Bank Selected Again as The Best Private Bank in Belize for 2020

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Contributed by Luigi Wewege At Caye International Bank
16 December, 2019

For the third straight year, Caye International Bank has achieved the distinction of being named the Best Private Bank in Belize by Global Finance Magazine. The 2020 awards ceremony will take place in March of next year in New York City and will honor Caye International Bank as one of the best banks in the global marketplace.

The recipients of the Global Finance Magazine awards are chosen after a careful and painstaking evaluation of company reports, financial statements, public filings, the guidance of financial experts, and the recommendations of leaders in the banking industry. In previous years, client service has been a key factor in determining the winners of these prestigious awards. In its announcement, Global Finance stated that "the winners are those banks that best serve the specialized needs of high-net-worth individuals as they seek to enhance, preserve, and pass on their wealth." Caye International Bank is a standout in the financial marketplace because it allows its clients to do just that.

Luigi Wewege, the Senior Vice President and Head of Private Banking of Caye International Bank, offered his thoughts on the award, stating, "Our commitment to client services and our proven knowledge of the global financial market have made it possible for Caye International Bank to achieve this award for the third year running. We depend on our staff members and on their dedication to ensure the best results for every client we serve. Our investors and our Board of Directors are also critical to our ongoing success in the competitive financial marketplace." Wewege also expressed his thanks to the clients of Caye International Bank and noted that without them, receiving this award would not have been possible.

One factor in the enduring success of Caye International Bank is the strong and robust economy of Belize. Located along the northeastern coast of Central America and bordering Mexico to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the east, Belize is in an enviable position both financially and geographically. The currency of Belize is pegged to the U.S. Dollar, which makes it exceptionally stable compared with the currencies of other nations within the region. Additionally, the official language of Belize is English. This allows investors from other countries to understand and be understood when managing their financial transactions through Caye International Bank.


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