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LEGID launches

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Contributed by LEGID LawTech OU
25 June, 2021

LEGID is an easy-to-use app that helps people find an affordable lawyer fast. Just three steps to connect with a legal expert who will help you solve a legal problem quickly, wherever in the world you are. Available 24/7 and accessible with your phone or computer.

The Tallinn-based LEGID team has created a platform that makes expert legal consultations affordable, accessible, with transparent pricing for the client, as well as empowering lawyers with tools to make their jobs easier and more flexible. Free sign-up and no monthly fees.

From the left to the right: Alex Bitskov, COO and Co-Founder; Valentin Feklistov, CEO and Founder; Jevgeni Kapparov, CSA and Senior Developer; Jevgeni Shupilov, CIO and Lead Developer; Ilja Bugrejev, CMO.

"80% of people across the world have no access to justice and even those who do, don't know enough about which everyday problems can have legal remedies. There is great demand for legal services that is out of reach for the legal industry, due to an average person's fear of high costs associated with lawyers. We are changing this - helping both lawyers and clients," says Valentin Feklistov, CEO of LEGID.app

Migration, employment issues, landlord and tenant disputes, divorces, consumer rights and many other problematic life events could be made smoother and simpler with help from a legal expert. For legal firms, however, reaching the majority of individual clients that may need legal help is a challenge.

SMEs will also find LEGID.app useful having access to many specialists of any kind and from different branches of law for a reasonable cost, not going to a boutique law firm or Biglaw representatives, spending thousands and sometimes being neglected over big clients.

This is where LEGID's technology steps in to assist, offering a simple, safe and transparent experience for the client, and automated invoicing, payments, KYC and reporting for the lawyer. LEGID unites independent professionals in an online marketplace, providing new revenue streams and simple lead acquisition. The integrated AI gets rid of unnecessary steps for the client, saving a lot of time and removing barriers to finding a lawyer.

Studies show that law firms that make use of legal technology say that it has already significantly improved efficiency in their organisations, with the majority aiming to increase its use. The wide variety of tools available to legal firms is transforming the industry and improving the way legal services are delivered to the client. Tech-savvy law graduates, coupled with great legal tech solutions has spurred more growth and technological awareness within the legal sector, allowing firms to reduce overhead costs and stay ahead of the competition.

Tried and tested

LEGID has already started testing the first pilot of their legal marketplace back in December 2020 with 35 expert lawyers across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. LEGID have worked closely with partners from law firms across the Baltics and Poland from the beginning to ensure that the product meets the expectations of lawyers and clients before its official launch.

"We've gone through many stages of iterating the product over the past year, at times completely revamping some features that had not met the user expectations. We are certain that we have laid a strong foundation for a product that will continuously grow and expand, helping the legal industry grow and evolve through greater automation and accessibility," says Alexander Bitskov, COO of LEGID.app.

LEGID.app has officially launched in the Baltics at the beginning of June with all core features and is already attracting new clients. The next stages of expansion in Europe will be Finland, Spain and Holland, with other countries to follow.

Accessible legal help is here

LEGID's AI-powered legal marketplace, although young, has managed to create a product that is already helping clients from across the world access affordable legal consultations. More importantly, rather than replacing lawyers with AI or chatbots it aims to empower lawyers with tools that make giving legal consultations fast and flexible, regardless of whether you are at home or abroad. To try the platform, visit: https://legid.app

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