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History, Values, Tradition and Wealth- The Core Principles of Maintaining Family Governance

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Contributed by Marcus Evans
15 April, 2016

What are your family's core values? Have you thought about the legacy will be leaving your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? Will they honor and build upon your legacy?

As families build their businesses and wealth, it is vital to begin discussing family issues. Estate planning, management philosophy, equity ownership, leadership transition and fairness are critical discussion points that play a role in preserving a strong family structure.

In this complex and opaque environment, wealth custodians must take on the technical aspects of private wealth management in order to create a lasting family legacy. Family Governance is a significant topic to be discussed at the leading Private Wealth Management Summit.

Continuing its ninth successful year, the 18th semi-annual Private Wealth Management Summit is the premium forum bringing together the leading family office investors with the most renowned investment solution providers. Held at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Florida from June 5-7, the summit offers family wealth investors and asset managers an intimate environment for highly focused discussion on the latest strategies and best practices for private wealth management.

The topic on 'Cultivating Legacy' is an essential subject matter of which investors are becoming more involved. Through compelling presentations, the summit will help investors learn how to enhance their core family values.

The Summit has opened up many doors

A case study with Clay Grubb, Chief Executive Officer, Grubb Properties, a service provider at recent marcus evans Private Wealth Management Summits.

"As we launch our fifth fund, a USD 80 million multi-family value add fund, we think the Private Wealth Management Summit offers the best platform to efficiently get in front of 15-20 different family offices in a 48-hour period. That would be next to impossible to replicate anywhere else," said Clay Grubb, Chief Executive Officer, Grubb Properties, a service provider at recent marcus evans Private Wealth Management Summits.

What business opportunities has marcus evans brought to Grubb Properties?

The primary one has been the ability to meet with many investment managers at the same time. It would be costly to fly around the country to meet 20 potential investors, so we find the Summit to be an efficient use of our time. It has opened opportunities and leads that we otherwise would not have had.

When we were a younger manager, it gave us the opportunity to fine-tune our pitch. If you pitch 20 times in two days, you become better at explaining who you are and what you do, and get feedback to improve. That was very helpful for fine-tuning how we tell our story.

What are your plans for the upcoming event?

We are launching our fifth fund and are looking forward to the Summit to roll it out. We have purchased about 3,500 multi-family units in this space in the last five years and think it will appeal to long-term family offices that are looking for stable, predictable cash flow for their clients. The Summit has resulted in at least one investor and we are looking forward to meeting some new investment managers as well as reconnecting with returning prospects at the upcoming Summit.

Could you have met these potential investors elsewhere?

marcus evans does the wonderful job of getting us in front of folks we would not have otherwise heard of or been aware of in this industry. The Summit has opened up many doors; we never know what the one-on-one meetings will lead to.

The Total Committed Capital Capview Received from marcus evans' is Nearly $15 Million

Amy Phung, Capview Partners

Capview Partners has attended the marcus evans Private Wealth Management Summit three times. Capview utilizes events such as the marcus evans Private Wealth Management Summit to receive warm introductions to, and establish relationships with investors who are looking for real estate investment opportunities that offer capital preservation, an attractive yield and value-added upside potential. "We have found marcus evans events to be more effective than other industry events, in part because there is an organized format for meeting the potential investors. Other events have not provided the quantity and quality of meetings with investors. The combination of panel discussions, one-on-one meetings and networking events allowed us to establish connections and continue the conversations well after the event is over," says Capview's Managing Director, J.D. Dell regarding his experience with marcus evans Summits.

Since Capview's first attendance at the December 2014 marcus evans Private Wealth Management Summit, Capview has made tremendous progress in its equity raising efforts. Capview secured its first $10 million dollar investor, an attendee from last December's Marcus Evans summit, for its current investment offering. Along with this investment, the total committed capital Capview received directly and indirectly from marcus evans' is nearly $15 million. Outside of raising equity, Capview was also able to assist and connect contacts established at marcus evans to other business opportunities. Capview continues to nurture these relationships and pursue new opportunities.

To learn more on the Private Wealth Management Summit visit the event site HERE

For more information on how to become a sponsor of the Private Wealth Management Summit this June email Ali Tamashiro at alit@marcusevansch.com


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