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Fiducenter have recently released an iPhone/iPad application

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Contributed by Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd
01 May, 2012

Contributed by Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd [www.fiducenter.com.cy]

Fiducenter is an independent domiciliation agent, with Luxembourg origins and more than 30 years of existence.
It can take advantage of its presence in three of the most attractive financial centers in the world, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Singapore, to provide structures which include a combination of vehicles from these jurisdictions.

Released in the App Store only a couple of days ago, this application is intended to provide  useful information about Fiducenter and Cyprus, always from an international business perspective, in a summarised but yet clear and concise format.

Main Features:

  • Main aspects of the tax, legal and accounting regime of Cyprus
  • Summary of the services Fiducenter can offer, broken down according to their nature
  • Main publications
  • Profile directory of management team of Fiducenter
  • Contact details and Office Locator

The application is natively supported both on the Apple® iPhone™ and the Apple® iPad™. 

The direct link to iTunes with the profile of the application is http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=511749839&mt=8



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