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Europe Emirates' Covered Offshore Locations

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Contributed by Europe Emirates
07 January, 2016

Europe Emirates Group does much more than just provide managed offshore business services for companies in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. In fact there are several different jurisdictions that we also service.


Belize has the distinction of being the only Commonwealth country out of the entirety of Central America, and as such is highly flexible when it comes to tax and investment planning. Its modern offshore rules also provide high levels of global asset protection as well.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands has been known for years as a jurisdiction with one of the most favorable business environments for offshore companies. Thanks to its prosperous and stable economy, the BVI has been the choice for many for setting up offshore jurisdictions.


Gibraltar has been traditionally popular amongst offshore investment holding companies as a place to hold property, or to engage in trading and re-invoicing. Incorporating in Gibraltar can take less than a week in some cases.

Hong Kong

Setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong is one of Europe Emirates’ specialities. Our process for offshore company incorporation in this traditionally popular jurisdiction requires nothing from you but your signature on the relevant documents.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles has had a positive track record when it comes to attracting offshore banking, investments and insurance activity, thanks to the lack of limitations on corporate entities registered as International Business Companies within the jurisdiction.


Singapore is one of the most successful and competitive jurisdictions in the world when it comes to business activity. With beneficial regulations and a reputation for safety, many individuals and organisations choose Singapore as their jurisdiction of choice when it comes to setting up an offshore company. Some of Singapore’s regulations can be difficult to navigate by the untrained, making it an even better idea to use a services company like Europe Emirates to incorporate.

Saint Vincent

Independent since the late 1970s, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines continues to be a full member of the British Commonwealth. It’s also a member nation many other geopolitical organisations such as the UN and the Organization of American States, and provides the cachet of these associations to offshore companies set up in the jurisdiction.

Relying on Europe Emirates Group

Is your organisation considering setting up an offshore location somewhere around the world? Whether you’re keen on choosing Dubai or any of the other jurisdictions listed above, Europe Emirates Group has successfully set up companies in the past for countless clients. Don’t try to navigate the regulatory landscapes of these jurisdictions alone, or rely on another service company that has less experience or skill.

Contact us today to see how we can put our expertise at work for you and your company in incorporating your own overseas company.


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