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Cyprus in International Business Planning

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Contributed by Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd
15 February, 2012

Contributed by Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd [www.fiducenter.com.cy]

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Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd cordially invites you to an event, similar to which has probably never happened in Cyprus before!

Entitled from our main promotional theme, “Cyprus in International Business Planning” this two-day event is more than a normal conference (please continue reading and you will understand what we mean). 

  • Date: 9 – 10 February 2012
  • Venue: Ajax Hotel, Limassol
  • Charge: FREE!!!1.2

Yes, it is not a mistake, the conference will be provided free of charge! As a matter of fact the whole package will be provided free of any charge. The package covers:

  • Accommodation with breakfast at  Ajax Hotel for the  8th and 9th of February 20123,4
  • Participation to the conference
  • Transportation from and to the airport in Cyprus6
  • All meals starting from the welcoming dinner on the 8th and ending with the farewell party on the 10th of February

This means that all you have to arrange on your own is your trip to Cyprus!

And this does not stop here… If you would like to be joined by members of your family or any other person not participating to the event  please note that we will make sure that they will enjoy their time in Cyprus while you will be attending the conference!5

We proudly attach the schedule of the event. As you will notice from the schedule, we have tried to cover all aspects of the international business sector in Cyprus, presented by experts on each field, creating a team of presenters both from the private and public sector. Furthermore, we have added some social events which we believe will make the whole stay of participants even more interesting and will give them also a blend of the history of Cyprus and its social life. You can find more details about the presenters and the organisations they represent as well as other useful information about the event on its own website on http://www.ciibp.com.cy.

There are limited places remaining available so please confirm your attendance the soonest possible!

1. The event is organised free of charge with the condition that all participants will attend all professional sessions. Participation to the social sessions of the event is optional. Failure to attend all professional sessions will result to a charge to the non-compliant participant equal to all the expenses stemming out of his participation to the event (i.e. accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.).

2. Due to capacity constraints, each firm is expected to participate to the event with only one representative. Thus, the proposal applies only to one person for each firm invited. Requests by a firm to be represented to the event by more than one person will be examined on a case by case basis.

3. If you would like to stay in another hotel in Limassol for whatever reason (for example because the hotel is part of a travel package you are planning to book) we are willing to arrange pick-up and return to the hotel as needed for the running of the event at no extra charge. Transportation from and to the airport will not be covered for such packages, even if the relevant times fall within the schedule already announced to you. Such transportation is usually part of the travel package but if not we would be more than happy to assist in arranging this.

4. Accommodation can be extended for more days (taking in to account that the period 11 – 12 of February is a weekend). The organisers will negotiate with the selected hotel in order to achieve very beneficial rates specifically for the purposes of the event.
5. Any extra accommodation and meal costs for non-participants to the event will be charged accordingly with the exception of meal costs related to the extra curricular activities to be organised, which will be covered by the organisers

6. There will be buses from Larnaca International Airport to the hotel in Limassol on 8/2/2011 departing every two hours from 10:00 to 20:00 and buses leaving from the hotel in Limassol to Larnaca International Airport on 10/2/2011 every two hours from 12:00 to 20:00. The schedule and frequency of the bus routes is subject to change, depending on the flight schedule of the majority of the participants. Although, the organisers will take all best efforts to service participants who will not be able to catch any of the sponsored buses, the cost of such transportation will be borne by the participants.



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