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Cyprus Company Formation - We Make it Simple - Part 1

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Contributed by E R Team Global Consultants Ltd
01 November, 2018

Cyprus company formation: We can make it fast and simple for you. We can form your company in your absence. We offer competitive fees, no hidden costs. We offer nominee services i.e nominee director and nominee shareholder for full confidentiality and tax residency of your company. We can complete your Cyprus company formation in about 5 days. A Cyprus company can have a bank account in any country it chooses. All this and much more make the Cyprus company the perfect tool for your international tax planning, You can achieve tax reductions and achieve your targets.

Advantages of Cyprus Company Formation - Tax Benefits

Cyprus company formation is simple and fast. Our firm has been registering companies since 1979! Below you will find many answers to your questions about Cyprus company formation. Read on to acquaint yourself fully with the procedure and formalities so that when you decide to go ahead you know exactly what it is you need. Cyprus Company Registration also is a term popularly used for the formation of a company, although technically it is the act of the Registrar to register your company in the records of the registrar of companies and issue your company certificates. What makes a company in Cyprus so attractive to foreign investors are the numerous advantages and tax incentives which they enjoy. Such tax incentives spring from a reasonable and investor's friendly tax environment, many legislative tax benefits, an easy, fast and fuss free process, an extensive double tax treaty network and much more.

Form a Cyprus company today and enjoy the multitude of tax benefits it offers. It will open new horizons for the international entrepreneur and his business. The gains to be had are great. Read carefully the advantages, benefits and incentives you will be enjoying on the Cyprus company formation and it could be the break you were looking for your success in your international tax strategies and for tax optimization. A company in Cyprus is mostly called offshore company because it offers great advantages to foreign investors trading offshore and not in the country.

Benefits Of Cyprus Company Formation

A Cyprus company enjoys so many Tax Benefits that no other company in any EU country offers all these benefits accumulated in one company. A Cyprus company can be the ideal tax optimization tool for you to reduce your taxes legally to very low rates. A Cyprus company offers of course not only tax benefits but other major advantages. As the experts in this field we recommend the Cyprus company to you on full responsibility than no other company worldwide is as practicable, flexible, easy to operate and enjoys so many tax and other benefits. See below some of its major benefits:

1. A company formed in Cyprus pays only 12.5% corporate tax on its net revenues!

2. Zero tax on the dividends paid out to its non-resident shareholders.

3. It pays only 2.5% taxes from revenues from intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, books, music, sports rights, films etc.

4. After its formation a Cyprus company can enjoy the benefit of 0% tax on dividends received from subsidiary companies all over the world.

5. Business bank account in only a few days after its incorporation.

6. The company in Cyprus on its formation, can be logged with the vat authority in 2 days.

7. It is an EU company and it enjoys respect all over the world. It is not blacklisted in any country. Cyprus is a low tax jurisdiction and not a no tax, tax haven.

8. After its registration in Cyprus a company enjoys capital gains tax exemptions on sale of immovable properties or other assets, abroad.

9. No contract stamp duties in many occasions.

10. A Cyprus company pays no tax on profits from permanent establishments abroad!

11. No tax is paid on any profits made by trading in its own shares or shares of other companies or other securities such a forex, bonds, debentures etc.


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