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Credit Suisse has started to close Russian accounts massively, Breder Suasso is taking shares of the market

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Contributed by Breder Suasso
21 October, 2015

While U.S and Europe started applying sanctions to Russian clients we were observing Switzerland and realized that there was no sign of follow-up by Swisss authorities and we believe that this move is a sign that banks are willing to cooperate to avoid to be penalized said Benjamin Cohen, from Breder Suasso, a leading financial service provider which took a significant part of the Russian offshore clients market recently, we believe that accepting well established Russian clients is not only a healthy business but a prosperous one and it helps Russian clients that are fully compliant and legal to keep on doing business.

Breder Suasso has launched last year a first version of its website in Russian and said the Russian speaking staff has tripled this year to satisfy the Russian demand.

Swiss firms such as Fidusuisse, www.fidusuisse-offshore.com developed an advanced understanding on how to solve issue with your Swiss account and have launched a page accordingly.


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