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Contributed by China Offshore
13 October, 2016

2016 China Offshore Summit (Shenzhen) Comes to a Successful Close

China Offshore has marked another milestone by concluding its annual event in 2016, China Offshore Summit (Shenzhen) came to a close at Shenzhen Grand Hyatt on May 26, 2016. With panel discussions, workshops and lectures, the conference featured trends in wealth succession for the Chinese new rich generation, combining domestic and foreign experiences in the wealth management industry; discussions were made in the topics of trust, family office, cross-border asset protection and international asset planning, etc.

Furthermore, another highlight that's unique to this summit is the AOA (Asia Offshore Association) member workshop held on the first day of the event. The workshop had discussion topics on "How does Chinese Family Office choose overseas partners", "What Problems do Offshore Service Providers Need to Solve to Win Business in China" and "Challenges Being Faced When Serving Chinese Family Offices and Their Clients" as well as other hot topics in Asia's offshore finance industry, and industry leader Huaijiang Yan, who is also founder of Panhe Family Office and a guest of this summit and an AOA member, had an in-depth discussion with the members.

Wealth management industry is always in pursuit of new territories and opportunities. For those who want to keep their leading positions, China is tactically in a position that's sought after by anyone who wants to maintain a competitive edge. With China's unprecedented economic development, China's demand for professional wealth management experience is very high.

The two-day summit attracted China's leading financial intermediaries, using this opportunity to interact with industry experts, such as bankers, lawyers, accountants and other elites from trust investment companies and corporate service providers, as well as representatives from renowned offshore jurisdictions and their governments and wealth management institutions, these jurisdictions included BVI, RAK, Malta, Labuan, The Bahamas, Russia, Samoa, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, Bermuda, Marshall Islands and Seychelles, etc., participants exceeded 300 and experts in the wealth management sector had an in-depth dialogue and interaction on the latest topics and trends in the industry.


One of the most efficient and practical offshore summits in Asia and China!

"As Asia's leading offshore finance event, I feel it very useful to interact with the delegates, merely a half day, I have already seen people who have shown interests in our business, and I have already met several industry pros and government officials." A delegate told China Offshore, "offshore wealth management is drawing more and more attention from the Chinese HNWIs, China Offshore Summit is one of the most successful events in the industry, and it's full of opportunities and is definitely recommended to all industry insiders!"


Attending the summit is an opportunity next to none!

"I think it's one of the best conferences available in China and even Asia, As a law firm in the BVI, we get to meet the clients who have overseas investment demands face-to-face, for us, it's of the same importance to establish connection with other professionals." A delegate from the BVI told China Offshore, "there are plenty of opportunities to expand your network, and China Offshore has done a great job in doing so."

Furthermore, speakers at the summit even expanded their business network by using opportunities such as tea breaks and cocktails; they established their professional connection by topic discussions of the future market trends with the participating industry leaders and elites.

Similar to other China Offshore summits, this summit was as usual exceled in participant numbers, guest speaker profiles and topic selections, it has become one of the most successful and constructive event in the offshore finance world.

The next China Offshore Summit will be held from 25th to 27th October in Shanghai. For further information about China Offshore Summit series, please visit: www.chinaoffshoresummit.com.hk, or call Pooja: +971-55-4668012.


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