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Contributed by Rescuecapital Services
02 February, 2015

The world of offshore business continues to produce new products and attract new players, all adding to a plethora of business structures enhancing  and improving low or no tax profit accumulation from global business activity. We offer several offshore mutual fund products from  a low profile haven that enables investors to access returns of up to 5% P.A or more as has been the proof in the last three years since the bank launch of these attractive investment products. Minimum investment is just $5,000 in a secure regulated environment in which profits can be retained within the fund or remitted back to your personal or business account at the bank. To learn more about these funds email rescuecapital@yahoo.com

Are you seeking Rescue Finance for your business, we can help you!Amounts available from $10,000 in the USA and from $4,000,000 USD Internationally for all sectors of business . Chapter 7,11,13 to 11th hour court cases accepted. Rapid closings available. contact us now! or visit http://www.rescuecapital.weebly.com

Banking services in offshore Jurisdictions also available.


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