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Building on our Unity

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Contributed by Fiducenter
27 September, 2013

Contributed by Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd [www.fiducenter.com.cy]

Dear all,

We are really proud to announce that our brand new website has been launched earlier today. You can access it on www.fiducenter.com.

The new website presents information about our group, our principles, our people and the services we offer in the countries we currently operate, presenting the tax, legal, accounting and other aspects in the most comparable and consistent way.

There are plenty of functionalities designed to make the website a useful tool for frequent use, presented in a format which we hope will make the navigation experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. New features include:

  • news facility, latest and archive
  • summary information for each country in which Fiducenter has presence in a standardised format
  • Members' Area, which gives access to technical newsfeeds, publications and seminar material, and many more.  

The website will be enriched with more content and material over the next few days, while at the same time more functionalities will become operational, such as the availability of the website in several languages other than English (currently under construction).

If you are already a member of our current Portal for Cyprus (which will be terminated since its content is now covered by the new website), you will be allocated with credentials in the next few days for the new websites Members’ area. For those who haven’t registered yet, we strongly encourage you to do so the soonest, as the process is very short and simple. 

The new website, as with all of our new promotional, communicational and public relations tools, is based on a concept which has always been at the core of our philosophy and principles as a group: UNITY! In the very true sense of the word, regardless of where we are based, we all share the same philosophy, principles and practices in all aspects of the business, from handling a client request, to protecting our electronic and office environment, to making our contribution to society.

As mentioned above, our strive towards integration goes on to cover other aspects that were also given the "unity touch", which include but not limited to: 

  • our publications, including the Profile of our group, the Main Brochure, the Practical Notes and the Fact Sheets for the countries in which we have presence, some of which have been totally revamped and updated and some produced for the first time.
  • our newsletter, the revised format of which has been put in effect a few months ago.
  • our webinars, held in a common platform and run in the same way by all our offices.

We hope you will find our new communication and information tools useful, helpful and satisfying. Our effort is continuous and we would like to assure you that the development does not stop here. Not only our efforts will be continuously evaluated and upgraded in order to follow all latest trends and address feedback you provide us with, but we will continue our integration quest with other informational and communicational tools, such as the smartphone/tablet application, social media accounts, web videos and other.

We close with the promise to service our clients and contacts in the best possible way and to keep providing them with timely, accurate and complete information in a comprehensible way, to enable them to assess the impact of all developments on their existing operations and to further evaluate prospects and new ventures, deeply devoted to our ultimate aim to be… In Search of Excellence.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

George Savvides

Luxembourg | Cyprus | Singapore | Malta

Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd

1, Iakovou Tompazi Street
Vashiotis Business Center

T: +357 25 50 40 00 | F: +357 25 50 41 00

W: www.fiducenter.com.cy | E: fiducenter@fiducenter.com.cy


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