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Breder Suasso moves premises and introduces the "personal account manager" for all it's clients

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Contributed by Breder Suasso
16 October, 2015

Online video identification, Breder Suasso, the leading financial service provider in New Zealand to move premises to central Auckland and introduce the "personal account manager" for all it's clients.

Breder Suasso offers private and corporate account opening for international clients and companies registered in most popular jurisdictions, offering as well MasterCard's range of payment cards, prepaid cards and gift cards programs.

To provide a better service to it's clients, Breder Suasso has moved it's premises from Khyber Pass road to 300 Queen street, Auckland 1010 and extends it's opening hours from 8 AM to 6PM non stop.

Moving premises is for Breder Suasso a smart move due to its fast expansion and development, over the past year we have integrated more clients from various horizons and we now offer clients services in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Hebrew and German.

Now, all Breder Suasso clients have a private and personal manager which they can contact at all times to ask any question may it be about their accounts, compliance, and other requests.

Clients may apply online on our account opening page, whenever needed we do process with an online identification tool with face recognition technology and passport authentication powered by WebId, a cutting edge technology for remote account opening.

Visit www.bredersuasso.com for more information


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