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Contributed by OLIESERVE
12 March, 2015

Substance in a business world

The world of taxation is changing. In today’s post-recession world, governments are keen to close loop holes that have in the past allowed a certain amount of play when it comes to taxation. Long gone are the days where a registered address is enough, today it is not so much about where the address is but what is at the address.

Often you will hear the word substance thrown around, but what is substance? Substance can cover a wide spectrum form a simple phone line to a full office and everything in between. The big governing powers are already taking steps to catch and stop those companies, who lack substance, and they do not look like they are content with current legislation, so it would appear that things are set to become stricter.

Business move

OLIESERVE is proud to introduce to the marketplace, what can only be described as a future necessity.

Always looking to lead the way on innovation and bring the finest bespoke products to our clients we would like to introduce you to our new product - BUSINESS MOVE.

Instead of trying to dodge the proverbial bullets; we plan to take you and your company completely out of the line of fire.

OLIESERVE latest product called BUSINESS MOVE is designed specifically to help combat this issue regarding substance. It will help move your company to Cyprus; of course you will still keep the company in your original jurisdiction should you wish. We will assist you from the very beginning through to the end to set up an office here in Cyprus. We are offering a range of packages that will cover all of your needs including the following:

  • Cyprus company formation
  • Cyprus bank account opening
  • Office rental
  • Office furniture
  • Complete setting up of utilities
  • VAT registration
  • HR recruitment
  • Immigration services
  • Registration of company and employees with social insurance and inland revenue
  • Airport pick ups
  • Reservation services

Here to help

Our specialists will discuss budgets with you and use their local knowledge to guide you through the various issues normally associated with moving an office abroad.

Simple put we are assisting you and your company to operate as normal whilst at the same time allowing a certain amount of operations to be carried out in your new HQ based in Cyprus, allowing you to legitimately optimize your taxation without any of those sleepless nights.

Why Cyprus?

As we have discussed in previous articles, Cyprus is the perfect environment for your business to flourish. As it is part of the EU it holds just as much weight as any other EU country, but with the benefit of a much lower price tag. Not only is initial setting up in Cyprus cheaper but the general day to day living and running is also much cheaper, and with a corporate tax rate of just 12.5% your bank account will definitely be better off. But it’s not all about money, there is something else here, that calm relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle bought on by the 340 days of sunshine, the clean fresh air lapping in from the beautiful blue sea or even the mountainous views full of pine forests and quiet picnic places. The difficulty should not come from the choice to move here or not, but rather from how to spend your time and money here.

Get in touch

If you would like some more information please feel free to peruse our website by CLICKING HERE, alternatively give us a call and speak to one of our friendly professionals on (+357) 25316119.

Your business, your move, your way, your money.


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