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Contributed by Europe Emirates Group
10 November, 2017

In November 2016, we revamped our site to reflect our forward thinking approach. A year later, we've received numerous awards. As our motto, 'Service Excellence Without Boundaries', suggests – we deliver excellence on all levels – including our website.

During June 2017 we received the Special Kudos award from CSS Design Awards – an international web design award platform honoring website work that pushes digital boundaries. With the help of Crowd, a global creative agency responsible for our impeccable website design, Europe Emirates was selected for the prestigious award backed by industry leaders.

Recently, The W3 Awards honored our site in three different categories. As a global awards system that's been running for 12 years, The W3 Awards recognizes award-winning websites, web video and online marketing programs. Judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) – which includes executives from high-profile organizations such as Agencynet, Disney, Microsoft, Facebook, MTV – The W3 Awards commended our user-friendly site on the following:

  • Gold Award – Best Home Page Design
  • Silver Award – Best Website in Law and Legal Services
  • Silver Award – Best Website in Financial Services

Tracking our progress towards a better user experience for our clients, Europe Emirates Group's website wins are a true reflection of our overall success in delivering on quality – time and time again.

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