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5 Deadly Mistakes Most People Make - Some Mistakes can be Deadly!

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Contributed by J. Alan Financial
29 September, 2015

"The 5 Deadly Mistakes Most People Make

With Their 401(k)s and IRAs – And How to Avoid Them"

FACT: 53% of Americans have saved LESS THAN $25,000 toward their retirement.

TRUTH: Too many people find themselves In TROUBLE when it's time to retire, because they have Insufficient Savings to carry them through old age.

Learn how to avoid 5 mistakes that can Wreck the Most-Important Investment you'll Ever make - Your Retirement Account!

  • Why you COULD be Over-Paying the Government on taxes and court expenses (and Robbing Yourself of money you thought you saved)
  • How to Keep your children and grandchildren from Fighting in Probate court
  • The Easy way to make sure Your retirement Accounts Match Your financial Needs
  • How to Avoid Letting past employers "Steal" Your Retirement Savings

Jim Bear works with clients who want to keep Their Money Safe from Loss

So they can Have More of it to do with as they wish. J. Alan Financial, provides financial advice and investment services to clients throughout the Twin Cities.

Jim has been interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and is a popular speaker on employment and financial topics.  To learn more Register today or call 763-657-1828

Register Today: bit.ly/OCT14-5D-LowTaxPR

We look forward to seeing you there!


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