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Offshore Business Review

The lowtax.net Offshore Business Review presents an overview of 'offshore': the financial sector based in 'low-tax' jurisdictions is already larger and more pervasive than any individual national economy, and it is used by business in many different ways to optimize tax structures. The advent of the internet has opened up new and even more interesting possibilities, both for businesses themselves and also for investors. Individuals based in high-tax countries can now directly access financial service providers in low-tax jurisdictions, whether their governments like it or not - and like it they do not!

History and Current Status of the Offshore Sector More information »

What is 'offshore'? Where did it come from? How is it treated by 'high-tax' jurisdictions? What are the main low-tax techniques? What is the future of offshore now that the very word itself has fallen under a cloud?

Uses of offshore More information »

Descriptions of how particular business sectors make use of offshore and low-tax jurisdictions in general, and reviews of the uses of 'offshore' for a number of key business sectors. Click on your choices from below...