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Asia Offshore Summit

For sponsorship and general inquiries, please contact Pooja Ramchandani
pooja.ramchandani@asiaoffshore.org or +86 138 1812 6084



The Asia Offshore Association is back! We are pleased to announce our return with the highly anticipated Asia Offshore Summit in Bangkok on 3rd & 4th June 2015.

Through presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, the topics to be addressed include the most pressing issues in Asia's outbound offshore investments.

The two-day summit will gather the Asia's leading financial intermediaries with the international trust companies, bankers, lawyers, and corporate service providers for an exclusive and in-depth conference examining the full spectrum of investment,trade, and wealth management coming out of Asia.

As well as building your brand, the benefits of this prestigious event include an unparalleled opportunity to share best practices and learn more about safely and successfully navigating the investment, financial and corporate service industries in Asia, in order to give your business the strongest possible platform from which to succeed.