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Work Permit Waiver For Manx E-Business Workers

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
25 February, 2016

Certain ICT and e-business sector workers will be newly exempt from the Isle of Man's work permit requirements from March 1, to support the island's e-business sector.

The relaxed rules, put forward by the Department of Economic Development, were approved recently by the island's parliament, the Tynwald.

E-business, which includes e-Gaming, is the Isle of Man's fastest growing sector and is expected to soon create a further 100 jobs for skilled workers.

Jonathan Mills, Director of e-Business, Department of Economic Development said: "I am very pleased that Tynwald has approved the work permit exemption order. There is a definite need for workers to fill the high number of vacancies in the ICT and e-business sectors and I believe that this change in legislation will help to ensure our sectors continue to grow and thrive on the Isle of Man."

The work permit exemption will apply to those taking up employment lasting at least 12 months with a salary of at least GBP25,000 (USD34,860) per year.

For ICT roles, the exemption is only available to those that satisfy one of the following: they have a minimum of 3 years' experience in an ICT role; they have a computer science degree; they have certain technical or vocational qualifications; or they can demonstrate competency at a specified level of the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

For e-business roles, the exemption is available to people with a minimum of 2 years' experience in an e-business position, or those with advanced mathematical, statistical, or data analysis skills, or those with extensive knowledge of e-business systems or processes.

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