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Trinidad And Tobago Takes Step Towards Becoming IP Hub

by Mike Godfrey, Lowtax.net, Washington
30 November, 2017

Caribbean territory Trinidad and Tobago says the launch of its new intellectual property library will encourage innovation in the territory.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the government department with responsibility for regulating intellectual property rights in the territory, said the new library is intended to foster innovation and a better understanding of intellectual property and related law.

The library is open to both the public and IPO staff and will provide resource materials and support for the proposed Intellectual Property Academy of Trinidad and Tobago, when it is established.

Within the library, a technical library and innovation hub will provide innovators with access to high-quality technology information from various sources, as well as related services to help them create, protect, and manage their intellectual property rights.

Services offered will include access to online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources and IP-related publications, assistance in searching and retrieving technology information, training in database search, on-demand searches (novelty, state-of-the-art, and infringement), help monitoring technology and competitors, basic information on industrial property laws, information on management and strategy, and information on technology commercialization and marketing.

The library opened on December 1, 2017.

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