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'Transparency Adding To Guernsey's Appeal' For US Clients

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
27 April, 2016

Guernsey expects to benefit from international efforts to increase transparency globally, a recent event in New York was told.

Andrea Daley Taylor was one of three directors from Trust Corporation International to attend the 12th Annual International Estate Planning Institute in New York, jointly staged by STEP New York and the New York State Bar Association.

"People seemed to home in on the Guernsey collateral – they were interested in what Guernsey can offer as a jurisdiction. We've worked at raising awareness because Americans have historically favored the Caribbean financial centers and are familiar with what they know," said Daley Taylor.

"There's a definite interest in shifting away from that now. We're introducing Guernsey as a viable alternative with a strong judicial system and regulatory environment that can offer a better service."

She said that a move towards global transparency has been helpful in marketing "Guernsey PLC" to US clients. "The nature of North Americans is that they are familiar with compliant structures and are generally comfortable with a higher level of disclosure. In light of the move in legislation towards greater transparency, Guernsey becomes a more attractive option due to our reputation as a robust and transparent jurisdiction."

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