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Mauritius Tax Agency Reports On Tax Enforcement Work

by Lorys Charalambous, Lowtax.net, Cyprus
20 September, 2019

The Mauritius Revenue Agency has highlighted its ongoing efforts to tackle tax evasion and improve tax administrative processes.

During the MRA's annual press conference, MRA Director-General Sudhamo Lal said that revenues had risen by 12 percent year-on-year but tax debts have also increased significantly. Reforms to simplify compliance with Mauritius's tax system have improved the jurisdictions ranking in the World Bank and PWC's Paying Tax index from tenth in 2018 to sixth in 2019, he highlighted.

He said the agency has boosted the tax-take by pursuing those taxpayers who fail to declare their income. The agency has also undertaken numerous on-site visits and sent automatic tax claims to 710 taxpayers. This resulted in 377 companies being assessed for taxes worth MUR242m (USD6.6m), he said.

He added that the agency is in the process of prosecuting 30 taxpayers for failure to pay taxes totaling MUR100m.

Turning to discuss the agency's ongoing efforts, he said that new information the agency is now receiving from foreign authorities is supporting the territory to challenge taxpayers who have failed to disclose amounts in overseas bank accounts, as well as their overseas investment holdings.

He concluded by outlining a number of ongoing tax administrative projects. He said the agency will soon begin issuing SMS notifications to taxpayers and enrolling taxpayers in online systems by issuing them a one-time password. Cases will also newly be referred to the integrity reporting services agency, the tax authority will seek to improve the transparency of its tax audit process, it will roll out a new client relationship management system, and make government approvals more efficient by centralizing the process.

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