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Malta To Set Up Blockchain Regulator

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
08 December, 2017

Malta's Parliamentary Secretary, Silvio Schembri, said the island's government is actively looking to establish a regulatory body for distributed ledger technology, including for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

His statement, to more than 350 delegates at a recent blockchain and bitcoin conference, is part of a national strategy to turn Malta into a destination of choice for this relatively new technology.

Late last month, the island's financial services regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority, released a discussion paper seeking industry views on how virtual currencies should be regulated.

The Malta Gaming Authority has also issued a call for interested parties to register and provide details on distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies projects, with the aim of increasing efficiency, managing risks better, and creating opportunities.

The blockchain and bitcoin conference is a series of international events, which have been held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Stockholm, Tallinn, Prague, and now also Malta.

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