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Jersey Welcomes UK Brexit Trade Plans

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
23 August, 2017

Jersey has welcomed the UK Government's positive commitment to engage with the Crown Dependencies in its recently released Brexit position paper, "Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK."

The position paper sets out the UK Government's proposals for the future regulation of goods to guarantee the availability of those goods on the date Britain withdraws from the EU, as well measures to minimize disruption to citizens, consumers, and businesses. In particular, the paper acknowledges the extensive trade in agricultural products and food between the UK and EU, and aims to avoid any changes to current controls and procedures that would have a detrimental effect on the trade and availability of food and produce.

In respect of the Crown Dependencies, the paper recognizes they are constitutionally separate from the UK and have distinct interests, and it undertakes that the UK "will fully engage with their respective governments to ensure their priorities on these issues are taken into account."

In response to the release of the position paper, Jersey's Government says a key priority of its Brexit engagement is to achieve access to EU goods markets, including for agriculture and fisheries products, on terms no less favorable than the UK's. It says this objective will ensure the continued availability of goods on the island and positive trade with the UK and EU, both during the transition period and after Brexit.

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