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Jersey Tables Brexit Legislation

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
25 January, 2018

Jersey has begun preparations for Brexit by laying a draft law on Brexit before the island's Parliament.

According to the Jersey Government, the new law is intended to ensure a smooth transition to Jersey's new relationship with the EU, and allows Jersey's Parliament to decide whether EU law will continue to apply on the island. It also gives parliament the ability to grant powers to ministers to correct deficiencies in the island's laws that emerge upon the UK leaving the EU without having to bring the matter before a parliamentary plenary.

The powers are expressly limited so that they cannot be used to impose or increase taxation, create serious criminal offences, or interfere with human rights legislation.

Explaining the new law, Bailhache said: "We are taking a substantially different approach to the UK in bringing this draft law. Whilst the UK is implementing all existing EU legislation which applies to it in one law, we are creating the ability for the island to carefully select which pieces of EU legislation it wishes to keep. The law officers and other government departments are working closely together to identify those pieces of legislation which are essential to ensure that the island's relationship with the EU operates properly ... on Brexit day."

The draft law will be debated by the island's parliament on March 6, 2018.

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