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Jersey Improves Systems For Tax-Efficient Giving

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
18 May, 2016

Jersey's Taxes Office has made it easier for people to make tax-efficient lump sum donations to charities through online giving.

The minimum lump sum donation for which tax can be claimed back is JEP50 (USD72). A donation of JEP50 (USD72) allows the charity to claim an additional JEP12.50 (USD18) back on that gift. Jersey charities that have the IT capability for online giving will now be able to automatically claim the tax on donations.

Minister for Treasury and Resources, Alan Maclean, said: "Islanders are renowned for their charitable instincts and care for others. I am delighted that my department is leading the way in making it much easier for charities to access the tax benefits available for charitable giving."

Melissa Nobrega, Chair of the Jersey Fundraising Forum, which worked with the Taxes Office on this initiative, said: "With so many charities in such a small island, fundraising is often challenging, so finding easy and effective ways to generate income are always welcomed."

"This change of policy will give charities the impetus to not only look at their digital fundraising strategy, but make it easier and more valuable for people to donate online. Allowing charities this simplified way of claiming tax back on online donations over JEP50 (USD72) will save charities time and money, as well as giving the donor one less thing to do."

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