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IoM To Table Bill To Repeal EU Law Provisions

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
18 July, 2017

The Isle of Man's Chief Minister, Howard Quayle, has confirmed the island will draft its own version of the EU Repeal Bill that was published recently by the UK Government.

The UK's legislation will repeal provisions of the European Communities Act and "domesticate" applicable EU laws into the UK statute book. It will then be possible for the UK to amend or repeal those laws to suit its needs following Brexit.

The Chief Minister commented: "The UK Repeal Bill is likely to be the subject of much debate in Westminster, and we will follow its passage with great interest. We have our own European Communities Act and, as we have stated in our periodic reports, our Act will need to be repealed, and provision will have to be made to either retain, amend, or repeal EU laws which apply to the Isle of Man under Protocol 3."

He added: "This is not going to be a quick or straightforward task. In the UK it has been estimated that there are some 20,000 EU instruments which apply to it as an EU member state. For us, because of our more limited relationship with the EU, the number is significantly lower, but there are still thousands of EU measures which have applied to the island because of Protocol 3, and hundreds which we have applied in the Isle of Man using our own laws. In addition, many of our other laws either refer to EU law, or EU institutions, and they may need to be amended too."

The Isle of Man Government says it anticipates bringing forward a Repeal Bill later this year. Further legislation, including in respect of customs and immigration, will also need to be put in place before the UK leaves the EU.

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