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Guernsey's Image Rights Register In Demand

by Mike Godfrey, Lowtax.net, Washington
12 June, 2014

Guernsey's image registry, the first of its kind in the world, has received over 30 applications since its inception in December 2012. The public registry offers the opportunity to register image rights affording greater legal protection, ease of transfer, and possible taxation benefits.

The latest registrant was Premier League Footballer Allan McGregor, the Hull City FC and Scottish goalkeeper. McGregor joins charities, sportspersons, and celebrities who have already registered their image rights since the registry's launch.

Jose Luis Romanillos, Managing Director of Romanillos & Cook Image Rights Limited, the company which handled McGregor's recent registration, said: "Guernsey's image rights legislation provides an additional layer of protection of one's image and 'brand' against abuse or infringement by a third party. The image rights registration can be used initially as a threat to infringers, but ultimately a court order can be sought in Guernsey, which in turn could be applied in the jurisdiction of the infringement. Registration is concrete evidence of the individual's image rights, confirming their existence and potential worth."

"The registration creates a 'tangible' asset that can be valued, licensed, monetized, and even sold. Unlike with its 'elder brother' Trademark, additional 'images' can be bolted into the same image right registration at any point in the future. The register is also a public record and can be used as a marketing and promotional tool."

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