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Guernsey Welcomes Rise In Inward Company Migration

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
25 October, 2017

Guernsey says it's seeing strong growth in the number of companies moving to the territory, reporting that the third quarter was the strongest for the territory so far this year.

The Guernsey Register said 23 companies migrated to Guernsey during the third quarter of 2017, with just four companies migrating out.

The net migration of companies to Guernsey in 2017 stands at 36, as at the end of the third quarter. The latest figures build on the positive results of 2016 when there were 83 company migrations to Guernsey and only 26 migrations out – a net growth of 57.

Most companies migrating to Guernsey in the third quarter came from Panama and the British Virgin Islands, but there were also migrations from the Bahamas, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Liberia, and Luxembourg.

The registrar of the Guernsey Registry, Alan Bougourd, commented: "We are continuing to see migrations from a wide range of jurisdictions including the EU, Central America, the Caribbean, and British Crown Dependencies, with companies seeking the stability and quality of service on offer in Guernsey."

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