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Guernsey Ready To Support 'Impact Investing' Activity

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
15 September, 2017

Guernsey's financial services promotion agency, Guernsey Finance, has released a paper on the opportunities "impact investing" presents for established international financial centers.

The paper, "Redrawing boundaries: How impact investing is making a difference", describes impact investing as: "... investment in a company, fund, or organization with the intention of generating a measurable environmental and/or social impact alongside financial return ... [It] falls somewhere in between traditional investing to generate maximum returns, with no attention paid to social and governance issues, and full-scale philanthropy, where returns are sacrificed to deliver a social or environmental impact."

The paper is based on extensive interviews with managers, investors, law firms, and industry experts and explores some of the regulatory and investor-led drivers behind impact investing. The asset class is projected to account for one percent or USD2 trillion of globally invested capital by 2025, opening up opportunities for major financial centers to support such strategies.

Kate Clouston of Guernsey Finance said impact investing is now establishing itself within mainstream global finance and that Guernsey is perfectly placed to assist in its continuing evolution.

"Any international financial center looking to build a track record in this space has to be forward-thinking and flexible in its approach and this must be underpinned by strong but amenable regulatory oversight, which permits innovation to take hold but displays robust consumer protection and follows best practices and standards," she said.

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