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Gibraltar To Challenge EU's Proposed Brexit Transition Deal

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
01 March, 2018

Gibraltar's Government has strongly criticized the draft text of the post-Brexit withdrawal agreement, released by the European Commission, which reportedly gives Spain a veto over Gibraltar's participation in any transitional period and future UK-EU relationship.

It repeats a similar statement in European Council guidelines of April 29, 2017.

While it said it was not surprised, Gibraltar's Government said the Commission's position "... constitutes a disgraceful affront to a small British country that voted by 96 percent to remain in the European Union."

Noting that the text is only a draft at this stage, and represents the views of the European Union and not the view of the United Kingdom, or Gibraltar, Gibraltar's Government says it will strongly urge the UK Parliament, across all the political parties, to resist any withdrawal agreement that excludes Gibraltar.

It says excluding Gibraltar would run contrary to the established policy of the European Union, and would mark a degree of political and legal discrimination against a small territory, which is unknown in modern European history.

The Government said, to prevent its exclusion, it will mobilize all options available, and has already taken detailed legal advice from top lawyers in the United Kingdom.

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